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At One Call Wales we offer no obligation quotes for all HD CCTV systems on request.

Each system is designed with ease of use as a main criteria as sometimes multiple people will be using the system, therefore we make it as simple as possible.

Yes you can. Either on a PC, Tablet, android phone or iPad/iPhone subject to good internet connection, with no on- going costs.

When installing a CCTV camera, thought must be given to the location of the camera and its surroundings. The sensitivity of certain areas and an individual’s right to an expectation of privacy must be considered. Prior to installing CCTV cameras, a business case must be drafted which considered the objectives of the camera and if there are any other less intrusive alternatives that could be used to resolve the problems. Sometimes CCTV is the best solution and the business case will require both local and stakeholder consultation. The Camera Commissioners Code Of Practice provides further guidance on this.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is a dedicated set of pictures fed back to a recording device.

Images are kept for 31 days in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 unless they are required for evidence purposes by the Police or other law enforcement agencies. After 31 days they are automatically erased.

One Call Wales does not use dummy CCTV cameras. All of our cameras will send an image directly back to your recording device.

All images are stored on a hard drive – No tapes are used.

Commonly the systems are of a 4,8,16 configuration however there is no limit to how many cameras you can have.

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